Rapid Whale – a micro-boat that can be assembled by our own hands

Rapid Whale

Seeing on the Internet some wonderful models of mini-boats like Little Miss Sally (length 2.4 m), the founder of Rapid Whale, Josh Tulberg decided at all costs to create something similar, but even more compact.

To begin with, he developed a sketch with the help of Solidworks and tested the model at a scale of 1: 2.2 in a hot water bath, then proceeded to laser cutting and 3D printing of the details of a single mini boat, constantly pouring water on them.

Power source – two SLA batteries are located in the rear of the ship. To the right of the steering wheel from the Plexiglas there is an emergency brake and a gas lever. It is reported that, despite the flat bottom, Rapid Whale has excellent stability.

Rapid Whale

Rapid Whale is a mini-boat with a length of 1.4 m and weighing just over 48 kg. So modest dimensions allow you to transport it in the back seat of a family car. The engine and battery are installed already on the shore before the start of a water walk. The speed of the mini-ship is 7.4 km / h. The body is made mainly of plywood by laser cutting with several elements printed on a 3D printer. The joints for waterproofing are treated with epoxy resin.

The control system consists of a steering wheel connected to the motor by means of ropes passed through the rear pulley. The gas lever has 8 positions, of which 5 adjust the forward and 3 reverse movements. To the left of the steering wheel is a voltmeter and a power switch. Just behind the steering wheel, Josh Tulberg equipped a small luggage compartment. For walking in the dark, a lantern is provided from the front. The basic assembly kit will cost $ 950.

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