Road from coffee

Residents of Melbourne are known for their passion for coffee, which is sold here at every step. However, this generally harmless phenomenon has a negative side – a huge amount of coffee waste. On average, one city cafe throws out up to 150 kg of the hills per week.

Professor of the local Swinburn University – Arul Arulrai once asked himself: why not use coffee wastes as a component of the road surface? The team under his leadership gathered coffee grounds from all the surrounding institutions. After a careful five-day drying in a special oven at a temperature of 50 ° C, coffee wastes were filtered off, the lumps were removed, and then mixed with the waste of steel production – slag at a ratio of 7: 3.

Further, a liquid alkaline solution was added to the mixture, which bound its components. As a result, strong cylindrical blocks have been made that can be used as a ground material under the road surface .

According to scientists, the available coffee waste Melbourne would more than enough to build 5 km of roads per year.


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