Luxembourg enters the space race to extract raw materials on asteroids


Given the country’s population of 600,000, it is not surprising that Luxembourg has not yet become a space power. But the irresistible desire to break into space turned out to be stronger than circumstances, and the government represented by the National Investment Organization concluded an alliance with the American company Deep Space. Partners will work together to develop technology for the industrial development of asteroids.

Within the space program of Luxembourg, the Prospector-X satellite will be created. The main purpose of the device is the search and exploration of asteroids for the presence of minerals and water in them.


Build Prospector-X will be held in the European division of Deep Space, located in Luxembourg. The satellite itself consists of three cubic modules and a set of solar panels . The equipment will include a navigation system with two cameras, electrothermal liquid fuel engines and research equipment.

“We were impressed by Luxembourg’s active commitment to the idea of ​​extracting raw materials on asteroids,” says Daniel Faber, head of Deep Space. “The opportunity to cooperate on the Prospector-X project will allow us to develop a number of key technologies for the cost-effective space exploration.”

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