Yandex launched an assistant bot in Telegram

Yandex bot

Bots – smart accounts for Telegram instant messaging are gaining popularity. They are looking for recipes and images, help navigate the world of cinema, with some you can play, they also help to search and download books. Many of the well-known companies already have their own bots, and now it’s Yandex’s turn.

April 6 was the first official bot from Yandex. The first such accounts with the name of the search engine were written by Yandex employees and they specialized on something: text translations, search of places and organizations, image search. A new bot, now official, will be universal.

His name is @ya. Bot uses all the features of Yandex services: Search, Billboard, Pictures and others.

Smart account answers the questions, looks for music and video, tells about the latest news. He can find pictures by description, and if you send him a photo, he can try to guess what is depicted on it. With it you can communicate not only directly, but also use the search results in a dialogue with the interlocutor. Enter the bot name in the chat and ask your question. The received answer can be immediately shown to another person.

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