On all mobile phones in India in 2017 will appear “alarm button”

Indian woman

This week, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of India announced that next year rules will come into force that will oblige mobile phone manufacturers to install an “alarm button” and GPS on them. The main purpose of this innovation is to protect women from violence .

Leading global phone manufacturers are actively introducing a service in the event of emergencies, reducing it to “one button” to save users from having to call separately for several “alarming” numbers – to the police, ambulance or fire department.

In India at the moment there is not even a single emergency number. The authorities are already addressing the problem – the new national rescue service number is 112. The system is expected to be deployed in the coming months. The need for this arose after the shock of the whole of India in December 2012, when in Delhi six men raped a woman who later died from the injuries sustained.

“Women’s safety is a key factor,” said the Secretary of the Ministry of Communications, Mr. Deepak, “the government works closely with manufacturers and hopes for their understanding.”

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