FBI still hacked iPhone terrorist from San Bernardino

Hacked iPhone

The conflict between the FBI and Apple’s management can be considered partially exhausted. All, as they say, remained with their: the head of Apple Tim Cook showed steadfastness and refused to comply with the requirements of the court to provide access to the phone of terrorist Syed Faruk, and the FBI managed by its own forces, hacking the killer’s gadget.

And yet, according to many experts, this is bad news for the company itself and for millions of its customers: the protection was not as reliable as previously thought. In addition, apparently in retaliation, FBI representatives refused to provide Apple with its “picklock”, with which they opened the security system of the iPhone.

Many are convinced that the struggle will continue:

“It’s not just this particular phone,” said Alex Abdo, a lawyer representing the American Civil Liberties Union. “Unfortunately, today’s news only means a pause in the inevitable struggle, in which the FBI will persistently seek from its opponents from Apple to sacrifice in the name of general security the safety of their products.”

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