In Tomsk, a device is prepared that determines the presence of meldonia in the blood


After a series of scandals related to the use of meldonia by well-known Russian athletes, it was quite natural to create a device that determines its presence in the blood.

The first to respond in Tomsk at the local Polytechnic University, where a rapid analyzer was developed. According to one of the creators of the device Olga Mezentseva, the quickest way to determine the presence of “ill-fated” meldonia is by gas chromatography.

Unlike foreign, Russian analyzers will cost much less due to domestic components and non-toxic reagents. In addition, our analyzer does not require additional software and a personal computer. The finished result is immediately displayed on the device’s display.

It is expected that the analyzer will be in demand not only in laboratories for the detection of meldonia, but also in the study of pharmacokinetics (the field of pharmacology, which studies the patterns of assimilation of medicines by the body). In the future, scientists intend to adapt the device to identify other prohibited drugs.

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