The surgeon surpassed his “living” colleague

Robotic surgeon at work

Autonomous robot surgeon STAR (Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot) during the experimental operation on gluing pig intestinal tissues performed the work faster and more accurately than his “live” colleague.

While the robot can not operate alone – he needs a consultant, but, according to researchers, the result is a big step forward. The robot is equipped with 3D-video cameras and a set of manipulators, working on algorithms that prompt the behavior of the tissue after it is sewn. STAR is better than a person doing stitches and avoiding leaks during surgery .

To help the robot surgeon, the consultant selects the site to be operated, marking it with a special fluorescent paint. After that, the algorithm is started, which forces the robot to begin the operation.

Dr. Peter Kim from the Institute of Children’s Surgical Innovations Sheikh Zayed commented on the results:

“We were able to demonstrate the potential of autonomous robots in the direction of increasing the efficiency, consistency and accessibility of surgical methods.”

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