The Pentagon intends to place capsules with percussion drone at the bottom of the ocean

The DARPA Project

DARPA is working on another project involving the placement of giant capsules measuring 4.5 meters on the bottom in various regions of the world’s oceans, inside which drone drones will be in sleep mode. In the event of a military threat, upon command, they will leave their “nests” and begin to carry out the assigned tasks.

After “awakening” the capsules will float to the surface, from where the drones will fly. Some of them will carry out reconnaissance functions, and on the others it is supposed to establish a certain futuristic weapon , which guarantees decisive success in case of war.

The DARPA Project

Designers will have to solve a number of problems. The first is finding the capsule at great depth for a long time under conditions of enormous pressure.

The second problem is the activation of the capsule. For this, regular exchange of information on its technical condition should be maintained. And the last thing is lifting the capsule to the surface. It should be borne in mind that about 50% of the territory of the World Ocean has a depth of more than 4 km.

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