Construction of the future will be occupied by robots and drones

Flying foreman

It seems that the place of a harsh construction superintendent will soon be occupied by high-flying drones with “vigilant” chambers that will lead the work of robotic bulldozers, cranes and other construction equipment.

The first steps have already been taken. In the United States, a Skycatch system has been developed that uses drones on construction sites. Its main advantage is the ability to see from the bird’s eye view the whole picture of the construction site, which helps to organize logistics in a real-time mode and react more promptly to changes in the situation.

The drone organizes the work

And the Japanese giant for the production of construction equipment Komatsu with the help of Skycatch went even further – organized the work of robotic bulldozers. UAV sends 3D models of the construction site to the computer, from where, after processing the information, it returns to the unmanned vehicles to adjust the schedule and route of work.

The next step in the use of high technologies in the construction business is the erection of houses by the method of 3D printing, which experts consider as one of the main solutions in providing housing for the economy class. According to UN estimates, by 2030 it will need about three billion people.

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