Robots revive the lost art of writing by hand


With the development of all kinds of printed technologies, people, alas, are gradually losing the need to write by hand. Together with this, the sense of warmth and intimacy that was characteristic of letters in the past goes away. The machine of all this is deprived. And can still try to teach the car to write beautifully? Why not?

Laboratory Evil Mad Scientist has developed a feather plotter AxiDraw, able to write with a calligraphic handwriting and draw on any flat surface. The plotter is able to use fountain pens, permanent markers and almost any other means for writing.


The uniqueness of the AxiDraw design is that the writing head is moved beyond the device, which allows you to draw and draw objects that are much larger than the machine itself.

Using AxiDraw, connected to a computer, you can write letters in a calligraphic handwriting with the grace of a professional artist. If necessary, the plotter will accurately reproduce your signature. The device holder is designed for a wide variety of pens (and can even hold them at an angle of 45 degrees to the paper), as well as pencils, crayons, brushes and much more.

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