Project Baxter is looking for new ways to communicate people and robots

The language of robots

Robots are gradually becoming a part of our daily lives – while they are gaining more independence. Ubiquitous robotics persistently requires the creation of a new, special “language” of communication between people and machines.

The communication of people, as is known, is not limited to words spoken only. Its no less important component is the facial expression and intonation of the voice, which bear an additional context for understanding the topic of the conversation. All this is taken into account when creating robots of a new generation.

One such project is being developed by Rethink Robotics and named Baxter. Its essence is in the installation instead of the robotic head of the display with a pair of animated eyes. According to the position of the eye, viewers can determine what the robot intends to do next. In particular, looking at one of his hands, he will make it clear that he will now begin to carry out an action that is understandable to those around him. Such attempts to expand our possibilities of communication with robots are a major step towards integrating machines into the life of society.

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